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Sent to a wrong address or using a wrong network!

What exactly happens to tokens that I mistakenly sent to a wrong address or using a wrong network? Are they really irretrievable like sending tokens to burn addresses?

If you mistakenly send tokens to a wrong address, or send them using the wrong network, the tokens will not be recoverable and will effectively be lost. This is because blockchain transactions are designed to be irreversible. Once a transaction is broadcast to the network and confirmed, it is considered to be a permanent part of the blockchain and cannot be undone.

This is similar to sending tokens to a "burn" address, which is an address that is specifically designed to destroy the tokens that are sent to it. In this case, the tokens are permanently removed from circulation and are not recoverable.

Bitmove use only BC and Ethereum network for cryptocurrency transactions, sending cryptocurrency to an external wallet by using BSC network will be cause permanent lose of asset!

It is important to be careful when sending tokens, and to double-check the address and network before making a transaction.